DV PAL 4:3 - Total length: 00:13:57.


The Y series (Y chromosome) was conceived as a single art work consisting of eight digital images created with specific computer graphics software which allowed me to express in detail a personal and imaginative view of human evolution. Starting with the natural existence of the chromosome, through to the formation of the embryo as a living organism in the earliest stages of its development, in this sequence of images I have envisioned the essential form of the Y chromosome - its progression as it transforms, apparently cosmic in its nature, into spermatozoa until there is a complete metamorphosis inside the female uterus, generating the embryo: life itself.


La serie Y (cromosoma Y) Ŕ stata concepita come un'opera unica composta da otto immagini digitali realizzate con programmi specifici di computer grafica che mi hanno consentito di esprimere nei minimi dettagli una personale e immaginifica visione del processo evolutivo umano, dalla naturale esistenza del cromosoma fino alla formazione dell'embrione come organismo vivente nelle primissime fasi del suo sviluppo; nella sequenza delle immagini ho immaginato l'essenza della forma relativa al cromosoma Y, il percorso che intraprende sottoforma di spermatozoo in ambientazioni apparentemente cosmiche fino ad arrivare alla completa metamorfosi all'interno dell'utero femminile che poi genererÓ l'embrione "la vita".


Y installation is a multimedia artwork comprising digital painting, video and music which currently requires a gallery space, not necessarily a large room, but if possible without windows and fitted out with good lighting equipment. The digital paintings show the key frames of Y project and should be placed inside the room in ascending order, from left to right, following the numbered progression of the images: i.e. Y1, Y2, etc. The video needs to be projected in a loop mode on a screen and positioned in the middle of the eight images. The video soundtrack needs to be played on a stereo system (2.1) and should be suitable for the size of the exhibition space.